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Monthly Service - Includes holding of key and monthly security check of home. A signed and dated report along with a digital photo of the exterior of your home will be e-mailed to you to verify the condition of your home. Additional checks of home are available.
Pre-Vacation Service - Includes up to one hour of light cleaning (vacuuming, dusting, wipe down, etc…), check of appliances, plumbing fixtures, and lighting fixtures to confirm operation, turn-on lights and heat-up upon request.
Post Vacation Service - Includes up to one hour light cleaning (spray and wipe down of sinks, counters, tubs and showers, etc…), clean out of refrigerator, trash removal (one 55 gal bag), lights off, heat down and securing of home.
House Cleaning Service - Cleaners can handle all of your cleaning needs- from light cleanings to the toughest of jobs.
Window Cleaning Service - Due to the complexity of cleaning the windows of a mountain home, we use a professional window cleaning service, which we will arrange and oversee.
Maintenance Services - We can arrange and oversee your vacation home maintenance needs.
Snow Shoveling Service - We can shovel all your walks, decks and stoops prior to your arrival.
Plow Service - We can arrange to have a trusted and professional plow service, prepare your driveway for your arrival. 
Security Inspections - Jeremy Weber, who is a retired police officer, will personally handle all monthly and security inspections of your home giving you the added piece of mind in knowing your home will be properly secured.
Mechanical Inspections - Owning a vacation home in Lake Tahoe and Truckee requires owners to be proactive. We highly recommend a yearly professional inspection. We can arrange this important event for you.
Winter Proofing Service - With below freezing temperatures we experience during the winter in the Lake Tahoe region, preparing your home properly is a must, which we will gladly handle for you.
Firewood Delivery/Stacking - We will arrange the delivery of seasoned firewood to be delivered and stacked. We can also stack the wood inside your home.
Yard Care - We can arrange all of you yard care needs, including tree trimming/removal, lawn care and even professional landscape services.
And Much More…